Streamer Axiun claims he was banned on Twitch for trash talking in Overwatch - Dexerto

Streamer Axiun claims he was banned on Twitch for trash talking in Overwatch

Published: 12/May/2019 15:15 Updated: 12/May/2019 16:34

by Daniel Cleary


Partnered Twitch streamer Axiun has been banned from the platform for 30 days, and claims that it’s simply because he made a rude comment to a player in Overwatch.

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Twitch has strict rules contained in their terms of service and community guidelines, which apply even more stringently to partnered broadcasters on their platform, including what they deem “engaging in hateful conduct.”

For example, another Overwatch streamer, Fareeha Andersen was banned by Twitch back in February for hate speech, after calling South American players “shit” during a match.

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Axiun appears to have met a similar fate, although his language was not directed at a nationality or ethnicity, he claims, but rather simply a mean comment about another player’s mother.


He explained in a discord chat that he received a notice from Twitch indicating that the temporary ban on his channel would last 30 days and claimed that it was for targeted hate speech which involved him calling another player “retarded as shit” and suggesting their mother should have drank during pregnancy.

Axiun confirming details of his Twitch ban in a Discord chat.
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Axiun’s behavior on Twitch

Axiun has been notorious for his wild behavior on Twitch and has often been considered as “toxic” while playing games on stream.

Such behavior has even resulted in a clip of him snapping his keyboard in half while raging during a game of League of Legends.

Axiun is best known among the Twitch streamer community for his hilarious interactions with Tyler1 as well as his feud with Greekgodx back in early July 2017 after the pair had been friends for quite a while.


At the time of writing, Axiun has not yet made a statement to his followers or addressed his ban on social media.