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Twitch streamer accused of faking stalker for attention

Published: 8/Feb/2021 17:23

by Georgina Smith


Twitch streamer AZRA is being accused of faking a stalker to promote her Twitch channel, after posting a picture of a man peering through her window while she’s on stream.

Putting your life on the internet naturally comes with a fair few risks for streamers. The more popular they get, the more at risk they are of having people try to find them, or send them hate, regardless of how many people there are that truly like them.

Stalking is a very real, and serious problem, particularly for female streamers who frequently end up as targets in these situations. Streamers have had to go silent online to protect themselves and their mental health after having terrifying experiences with stalkers.


It’s an extremely worrying situation for streamers and fans alike, so naturally, when AZRA posted a concerning image of a man peering through her window while she was on stream, people were immediately worried for her wellbeing.

Along with the screencap, she wrote that the “craziest thing happened on stream. I thought my chat was trolling. Still don’t know who this man is but he has been watching me through my window.”

Fans, and others who had stumbled upon the post, immediately expressed their concern. “This is f***ing terrifying, I’m so sorry,” one said, with another writing, “no f***ing way, please put curtains up AZRA.”


Some believe the image was staged

However, soon after posting the image to her Twitter account, she replied to her own post with a link to her Twitch channel. For some, this suggested that the image could have been faked in an attempt to bring more attention to her Twitch.

“She plugged her Twitch after she tweeted this, obviously planned,” one commenter said. Another theorized that “this is her friend.. she told him to be there so people would notice him and this would create a big story,” with someone else adding that it “makes sense considering she decided to plug her Twitch on the comments.”


AZRA’s VODs are available to subscribers only, meaning it’s difficult to discern what the circumstances of the screenshot were.

Many of her fans and other concerned people who found the post are hoping for the image to be fake, because if the image wasn’t staged, it means that AZRA could be in serious danger.