Twitch star Tyler1 shocks viewers with his new car for all the wrong reasons - Dexerto

Twitch star Tyler1 shocks viewers with his new car for all the wrong reasons

Published: 3/Aug/2019 13:07

by Daniel Cleary


Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp hilariously unveiled his new car in front of his Twitch viewers on August 2, although it was not what many of his fans were expecting.

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Tyler1 is one of the most successful stars on the popular live streaming platform, Twitch, amassing a following of over 2.5 million fans on his channel.

However, despite his massive success, and unlike many other content creators, Tyler1 felt no need to splash out on his latest purchase, after sharing his plans to buy a car, revealing his second-hand coupe that did not live up to the expectations of his viewers.


Tyler1 TwitchTyler1 displaying his new car for his Twitch stream.
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The Twitch star set up an IRL stream outside with music blaring to capture the unveiling for his viewers before pulling up to the camera in his new 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT.

“That’s fucking right ladies and gentlemen”, He shouted, while displaying the car to his fans, “we got the 2000 Grand Prix GT!”

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Tyler1 then took fans inside for a quick tour of his new vehicle before showing off just how impressive it was by revving the engine loudly for his viewers to witness.

“You guys hear that? Ok how about this,” he said, before chucking his headset on the ground near the back of the car and giving it another go, clearly ecstatic with his new purchase.


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After showing off all the Grand Prix GT had to offer, Tyler1 explained how much of a bargain the car was and how his attempts to “hustle the lady” who was selling the car went down.

“Dude i hustled the lady, it was alpha as fuck. I went there and said listen I ain’t paying you $3.2k, I’ll give you $500,” He explained, before revealing his offer was quickly shut down forcing him to reconsider his options, “She said get the fuck off my lot, so I said okay I’ll give you $3.2k.”

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Although his negotiation tactics did not go exactly to plan, Tyler1 was still impressed with his new car and began bragging about its unique charm, despite his viewers criticism of Tyler not opting for something a little more expensive.

He later attempted to convince his fans that he received a good deal claiming that the paintjob alone on the vehicle was worth “a slim $2 million.”