Twitch partner under fire for “fat virgin” rant aimed at fellow streamer - Dexerto

Twitch partner under fire for “fat virgin” rant aimed at fellow streamer

Published: 18/Apr/2019 15:48 Updated: 18/Apr/2019 17:38

by Matt Porter


Twitch partner Berta has faced heavy criticism after verbally attacking a fellow streamer during a live broadcast on the popular platform, labelling them a “fat virgin.”

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One of the benefits of streaming on Twitch is the ability to team up with fellow creators on the platform to provide viewers incredible moments and help each other grow. 

However, the relationships between streamers are not always friendly, as showcased on Twitter by @nessdies, a Twitch affiliate who uploaded a clip of Berta taking a number of shots at her during a stream.

Instagram: sighbertaBerta has come under fire for her comments on her Twitch stream.
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What did Berta say on her Twitch stream?

In the clip which has been uploaded on Twitter, Berta addresses fellow Twitch streamer nessmarie directly, pretending to be her while on streaming on her own channel.


“I’m nessmarie, I’m so fucking fat,” said Berta live on Twitch. “I’m a fat fucking virgin,” referencing the Twitch affiliate.

When prompted to change the subject away from the comments she was making, Berta stated that she would be “fine”, because “I delete all my Twitch clips,” seemingly suggesting that this would allow her to escape punishment.

Ness stated that there was more of this behaviour in the stream, but as Berta removed all the clips and deleted the video from her on demand section, there was no way to recover any more of the broadcast.

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In the responses to the tweet, TBESteezy, who claimed to be watching the broadcast when this took place, stated that the verbal assault went on for “like 20 minutes,” and said he was banned when he called her behaviour “toxic.”

Ness says that she posted the clip as she is “really sick of getting harassed” by the Twitch partner, and has revealed that while tagging Twitch’s support team on Twitter will not get her banned, people can go to Berta’s Twitch page and report her there. 

A number of people have voiced their support for ness on Twitter, labelling Berta as “vile”, with many stating that they can’t believe she is partnered with Twitch, and calling on the site action against her for her behaviour.


Berta responds to criticism

Berta has since responded to the backlash she’s facing for her comments, suggesting that she will delete her Twitch channel herself, tweeting: “Honestly think I’ll just delete my Twitch so the people who hate me will feel some happiness in their lives. If that’s really their only goal in life, then shit, it’s easy for me to delete.”

Berta says she may close her Twitch channel down.

Will Berta be punished by Twitch?

While Berta has yet to be punished by Twitch, it’s possible she will be, as her behavior breaks Twitch’s Community Guidelines, which are part of their Terms of Service.

In the Twitch TOS, the company specifically states that: “Harassment is any content or activity that attempts to intimate, degrade, abuse or bully others, or creates a hostile environment for others.” The company can be especially severe on streamers caught badmouthing fellow creators on the platform, and have been known to ban channels for comments made by their proprietors on different social media sites such as Twitter.


What punishment, if any, Twitch will hand down for Berta’s comments is still unknown, but the company have been known to suspend channels for this kind of behaviour, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they went the same route with Berta.

We’ll be sure to update this article with any new information that becomes available.