Twitch finally unbans Velvet_7 18 months after 'sexual content' ban - Dexerto

Twitch finally unbans Velvet_7 18 months after ‘sexual content’ ban

Published: 15/Oct/2021 10:23

by Connor Bennett


Popular Korean streamer Velvet_7 has finally been unbanned by Twitch after having her channel suspended for almost 18 months.

When Twitch streamers receive a suspension from the platform, there is typically an indication as to when they’ll be able to return to streaming. Though, in rare cases, the platform will leave streamers in the dark and not say as to when they can hit the ‘start streaming’ button again.

In the case of Velvet_7, she’s had a pretty turbulent time with bans. The Korean streamer has been suspended by Twitch before for an hour before having her ban overturned, as well as receiving other short bans too.


Her channel was banned again in June of 2020 for “sharing or engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities,” after Twitch changed their guidelines on the type of clothing that could be worn on stream and fans demanded that her ban be overturned as a result. Though, their calls fell flat.

Twitch: Velvet_7
Velvet_7 was banned for over a year and hit out at Twitch on several occasions.

After the one-year anniversary of her ban, the streamer also called on Twitch to let her back onto the platform, calling the suspension “ridiculous” and noting that they’d admitted making mistakes in banning her before for similar reasons.

Well, as of October 15, Velvet_7 has finally been unbanned and is able to freely stream on her channel once again, much to the delight of her loyal fans.


“I finally got unbanned!!,” she said before revealing that she’ll be wasting no time and streaming on the day of unbanning. “I will see you soon!”

While being unbanned is cause for celebration for the streamer and her fans, Velvet_7 will have to keep within Twitch’s guidelines if she wants to avoid any future headaches.

Additionally, other streamers in a similar position with long-term bans can point to her being unbanned as a way to support their case to get unbanned too, but we’ll have to wait and see if there is a flood of bans being overturned in the works.