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Twitch criticized for featuring “sexually suggestive content” on the front page

Published: 25/Jun/2021 23:21 Updated: 26/Jun/2021 15:43

by Michael Gwilliam


With Twitch still under pressure amid the rise of sexually suggestive content on the platform, viewers noticed a very mature performance featured on the front page of the site.

Twitch has been feeling the heat lately with the rise of the hot tub, ASMR and gambling metas that have taken over the site, leading to a lot of frustration and questions from viewers over what is acceptable.

While the Amazon-owned platform created a special pools, hot tubs and beaches category to distance the content away from the Just Chatting section, many of the meta’s most prominent streamers, such as Amouranth and Indiefoxx, moved onto ASMR ear licking instead.


Once things got out of hand with those broadcasts, Twitch issued a three-day suspension for those streamers, which was seen as a mere bandaid fix by some high-profile names, including Alinity and Pokimane.

Warning: The following video contains content some viewers may find offensive.


The content itself consists of numerous suggestive acts, including a scene where a man appears to lick another performer’s boots.

Video of the stream was screengrabbed by Twitter user XillixGG and then uploaded with the following caption: “So this was front page today on Twitch and I don’t get it. It really feels like an anything-goes website nowadays.”


“If someone wants to do this there are sites for that, Twitch shouldn’t have sexually suggestive content on the front page,” they continued.

XillixGG continued, “This is legit, I had to look at my browser to make sure I typed Twitch right,” when asked by other users.

The channel in question, ‘rhondaintl,’ describes itself as “LA’s premiere passionate party community” and doesn’t feature VODs of its content. However, the show seems to be part of a Pride-themed streaming festival called ‘RhondaVision.’

Users were surprised this content was allowed on Twitch, and featured so prominently. YouTuber Glink simply replied to the video upload by calling the site “a joke.”


“Twitch is not a gaming platform anymore. It is a livestreaming platform. I don’t agree with the content being on the platform but it’s not a gaming platform,” another user added.

Twitch enforces strict rules against suggestive content. Spanish streamer Ibai was banned for accidentally showing a man’s buttocks and Twitch star Ponce was suspended for airing a second of nudity from a 70s French film.

RhondaINTL has yet to comment on the controversy and their channel remains intact on Twitch for the time being.