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Twitch bans streamer indefinitely after gross swimming pool stream

Published: 30/Jan/2021 11:22

by Georgina Smith


Streamer WesBtw has been banned indefinitely by Twitch after he filled a pool with various food products on stream. However, Wes and his viewers say that while the stream may have been gross, it didn’t warrant a ban.

Twitch has become the home of hundreds of different types of content surrounding a variety of games, but often the most bizarre on-stream moments happen when games aren’t involved at all.

WesBtw is a streamer and YouTuber who on January 29 began teasing a self-proclaimed “disgusting pool stream” for the following day on Twitter.

In the lead up he posted a picture of a table filled with a variety of different grocery products including milk, sour cream, bread, mustard, and much more, along with the caption: “One man. One pool. One bedroom. Countless gross s**t. It’s gonna be mayhem.”


He spent the stream filling the pool with these items while standing in it, but the fun was cut short when Twitch banned him.

Shortly after, Wes explained what had actually happened on Twitter. “I was indefinitely banned for bodily fluids but ZERO bodily fluids were shown or occurred. No pee, no poo, no vomit, no blood, etc.”

He went on to say: “There was no open wounds, there was no blood, there was no pee/poop AND I never peed or pooped in the pool, there was no vomit, there was no spit. I have spent the last 3 months turning my life around losing weight, quitting drinking, etc. And now this… ffs.”


Many of his viewers agreed that while the stream was gross, as was the intent, it was not worthy of an indefinite ban.

One person commented: “He has literally been preaching to follow ToS every episode and has been doing great! There’s no body fluids anywhere. Wtf.” Another agreed, writing: “can confirm, was watching. Ridiculous ban.”

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The ban certainly seems to have come as a blow to WesBtw and his community, but they have been trying to reach Twitch on Twitter to appeal it.

At the time of writing, Wes’s Twitch account is still unavailable.