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Twitch unbans streamer after 4-year-old appears on stream alone

Published: 10/Mar/2021 18:05 Updated: 10/Mar/2021 19:20

by Michael Gwilliam


A Valorant Twitch streamer who was banned after his four-year-old son appeared on stream by himself has been unbanned by the Amazon-owned platform after backlash in the community.

On March 8, Emanuel ‘NuelDeRecife’ Gila revealed the reason why he was banned on Twitter and his account spread throughout the Brazilian Twitch community.

Twitch has not commented on the unban or if the response from the community was enough to reverse the decision.

Original story follows…

A Valorant and League of Legends streamer is looking for help after being banned indefinitely by Twitch for his four-year-old son appearing on stream by himself.


Brazilian streamer Emanuel ‘NuelDeRecife’ Gila revealed that he had to leave the stream for five minutes to take care of a mess his son had made in the room.

During the time he was cleaning up the mess, his four-year-old son appeared on stream, resulting in the Amazon-owned platform issuing an indefinite suspension.

According to Gila, who was an affiliate on the platform, Twitch was helping him pay bills and now he’s lost part of his earnings.

Gila’s tweet documenting what had happened spread far within the Brazilian Twitch scene. Despite his relatively small following, his message was retweeted nearly 3,000 times and amassed over 27,000 likes.


This type of situation has happened on Twitch before. Notably, Valorant pro Tayhuhu, who plays on INTZ’s all-female team was banned when her daughter showed up on stream without her knowledge.

After numerous petitions, public outcry and media reports, Twitch relented and unbanned the streamer.

Thanks to her experience dealing with this type of ban, Tayhuhu reached out to NuelDeRecife with some tips.

“I went through the same situation as you, I was banned for 3 months and I couldn’t talk to them in any way,” she replied to Gila’s tweet.

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She further recommended that the streamer send a ticket in English and that the Brazilian Twitch network cannot manage bans. Additionally, she said that if he gets unbanned, he should make sure he doesn’t leave his son alone for one second.


Tayhuhu was banned when her daughter appeared on stream.

“I created a screen for when I go out to the PC,” she added. “It was the best solution I found.”

Twitch does not comment on individual bans, so no further details are available at this time. However, given how the platform decided to unban Tayhuhu, there is a chance the same could happen with NuelDeRecife.

Until then, he is thankful for everyone who has commented, writing “everything will be all right with your help.”