TSM Myth baited into classic prank by Twitch chat - Dexerto

TSM Myth baited into classic prank by Twitch chat

Published: 24/Sep/2019 15:21 Updated: 24/Sep/2019 16:02

by Matt Porter


Popular Fortnite streamer Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani became the latest streamer to fall for an epic prank orchestrated by their mischievous Twitch chat, baited into a classic message from a viewer.

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One of the best things about streaming on Twitch is the ability for content creators to connect with their audience in real-time, having discussions, working together to complete games, or simply having a chat with those who support your endeavors.

That doesn’t mean that members of the chat aren’t desperate to have some fun at the streamer’s expense, though, as Team SoloMid pro player Myth found out.


MythMyth’s chat got the streamer with a classic trick.
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While streaming Fortnite, the streamer received a message from a member of his audience who claimed that their sister was in hospital at the moment, that she loved watching the 20-year-old, and asked for a shout-out for their sibling.

Myth immediately responded, reading out her name and delivering a heartfelt message, saying: “Edith Puthy? Edith Puthy. I hope you’re doing well homie, and I hope you get better. I appreciate you a lot. I’m really bad when it comes to talking to hospitalized people. This is actually really bad, but I hope I can make her laugh.”

While Myth may not have made Edith laugh, he certainly had his chat in hysterics, with the streamer seemingly oblivious that the name he’d just read out sounds oddly similar to the phrase “eat this pussy,” sending his viewers wild the moment he said it.


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GG chat you got me there

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The Fortnite pro, who boasts over five million followers on the platform, didn’t realize what happened for a few seconds, until he saw his chat’s reaction, at which point he jumped out of his chair and ended up on the floor, laughing hysterically at the fantastic prank he had just fallen for.

Myth isn’t the first Twitch streamer to get caught out by their chat, with Fitz baited into closing his game by a troll, while others took aim at a novice streamer using the exact same method. 

The good news is that he’ll certainly not be the last to fall for tricks by audience members, so we should keep seeing hilarious moments like this for years to come.