TrueGeordie thinks one thing could stop McGregor from beating Khabib at UFC 229 - Dexerto

TrueGeordie thinks one thing could stop McGregor from beating Khabib at UFC 229

Published: 26/Sep/2018 20:22 Updated: 26/Sep/2018 20:24

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and internet sportscaster Brian ‘True Geordie’ Davis uploaded his reaction to Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov’s September 20 press conference, where he made an early prediction concerning their upcoming fight.

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Geordie felt that McGregor could suffer from his high emotions surrounding their match, noting his tenacity towards Khabib during the conference.

“I’ve never seen him like this,” Geordie remarked. “I think this is the most emotional I’ve ever seen him. That might not help him.”

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While he noted McGregor’s emotional state, he made sure to point out that McGregor is generally ‘stone-cold’ during fights, and predicted that he would keep a clear head during their bout on October 6.


“The fights, he’s normally stone-cold,” Geordie stated. “I think on the night he will be stone-cold, but right now he’s fucking emotional.”

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McGregor accused Khabib of being cowardly during the conference, citing his opponent’s refusal to fight him after McGregor attacked his bus in a parking lot in early April. However, that event didn’t mark the beginning of their feud – Khabib had a heated altercation with McGregor’s sparring partner, Artem Lobov, just a few days prior to the bus attack, which ended up inciting the incident.

McGregor stated that he would see Khabib gone ‘in the name of the Russian people,’ and made sure to advertise his own brand of whiskey, to boot.


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While Geordie felt that McGregor had won the verbal spat, he also stated that he respected Khabib as a fighter, and would give a full prediction closer to the fight’s occurrence on October 6.