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TrueGeordie makes surprising prediction ahead of Khabib vs McGregor fight

Published: 2/Oct/2018 21:03

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and internet sportscaster Brian ‘True Geordie’ Davis broke down the specifics of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor’s current feud, and made a major prediction ahead of their upcoming fight.

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While Geordie has been accused of a bias toward McGregor, he denied these claims, and even went on to say that Khabib could have the advantage over his opponent – but ultimately believed that McGregor has the upper hand.

While he noted that Khabib’s strength as a wrestler was nothing to sniff at, he likewise held that Khabib’s weakness in the ring was one that McGregor could cleanly exploit. Although Khabib is a competent wrestler, their fight will begin standing up – where he feels McGregor has the ultimate advantage.


“In terms of Khabib… he’s at an automatic disadvantage,” he said. “The fight starts standing up, which is McGregor’s game, and in that game, Khabib is basic.”

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Geordie even held that wrestlers have the advantage over strikers, but he didn’t underestimate McGregor’s ability.

“In my opinion, a wrestler does beat a striker, unless the striker is competent enough to keep the fight standing long enough to hurt the wrestler,” he stated.

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However, he also noted that either competitor could make it out on top, and argued that each fighter’s weaknesses were the other’s strengths.


“It just depends on who can cover those weaknesses better to assert their strengths,” he stated.

The two fighters will throw down on October 6, just four days after Geordie’s prediction. While the two had a fairly heated press conference, Khabib remains steadfast in the face of McGregor’s fiery personality – but the true winner has yet to be determined.