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Trainwrecks explains why he could never be friends with NICKMERCS

Published: 12/Aug/2021 20:18

by Dylan Horetski


Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam caught wind of being “mocked” by NICKMERCS on stream and after seeing the clip, he explained why they could never be friends.

Friendly banter is common between the biggest Twitch personalities, especially when they all play similar games.

With NICKMERCS recently blaming TimTheTatman for losing games, Tim recognizing the issue, and Mizkif consistently providing content with other streamers – the banter between the FaZe Clan star and Trainwrecks isn’t exactly surprising.


Known for his gambling streams, Trainwrecks is always looking around at what other big creators are doing. Though, he wasn’t too impressed after finding out Nick has been mocking him.

Trainwrecks stares to the side on his Twitch stream amid gambling controversy.
Twitch: Trainwrecks
Trainwreckstv is known for his controversial gambling streams

The streamer, who isn’t a stranger to harsh comments from other creators, can be seen going back and forth between the clip and his camera, showing an almost emotionless reaction.

Shortly after the clip from the MFAM founder is over, the streamer quietly looks at chat before reacting to a comment made by a viewer.

NICKMERCS impression of Trainwrecks

While opening Apex Packs, the former Warzone streamer joked about Trainwrecks on stream with an impression.


Repeating typical Trainwrecks phrases you would normally see in his gambling streams, NICKMERCS says: “Bonus, bonus, bonus” and “get me in baby, get me in.”

Trainwrecks responds

Once the clip stopped rolling, Trainwrecks switches his stream over to his full camera, continuing his “Just Chatting” section of the stream until a viewer makes a hateful comment towards NICKMERCS.

“F*** Nick, he’s a B****” he reads before responding: “Bro, Nicks the homie. Understand what banter is, okay?” Seemingly unbothered by the original clip, the streamer continues to tell his chat about how they are 1990’s babies.

Trainwrecks then reveals why they could never be friends: “Here’s the reason Nick and I could never be best friends. We come from a generation where two guys like us have to get into a fight together”.


He added: “It’s the only way men like Nick and I, from the generation we come from, can really just get naked and be open with ourselves,” while smiling.

This isn’t the first time Trainwrecks has been mocked by NICKMERCS – and there’s a good chance it won’t be the last.