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Top 10 most viewed Twitch streamers: October 2021

Published: 1/Nov/2021 13:41 Updated: 1/Nov/2021 13:45

by Jacob Hale


Spooky season has been and gone with October finally over, but which Twitch streamers dominated the rankings in October?

Twitch is undoubtedly the biggest livestreaming platform, despite growing competition from competitors like YouTube Gaming and Facebook.

In both August and September, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was head and shoulders above the competition, beating out the likes of auronplay, Gaules and more.

You can scroll down to see the full lists from August and September, but here are the top 10 Twitch streamers in October 2021.

Most watched Twitch streamers (October)

For the first time in a while, xQc is toppled from the number 1 spot on the standings, with Gaules officially taking the top spot by the tightest of margins. However, he did so by streaming more than double the hours of xQc.


Streamer Watch time Stream time Peak viewers
Gaules 18,042,670 hours 716 hours 162,918
xQc 18,037,273 hours 277 hours 131,624
Auronplay 12,940,185 hours 101 hours 258,308
MontanaBlack88 12,354,434 hours 207 hours 123,406
Ibai 11,029,337 hours 132 hours 622,367
Fextralife 10,623,094 hours 320 hours 101,205
Shroud 10,623,094 hours 320 hours 101,205
xRohat 7,788,910 hours 524 hours 50,920
LOUD_Coringa 7,721,664 hours 104 hours 194,359
fps_shaka 6,006,397 hours 282 hours 57,259

All stats courtesy of SullyGnome.

German streamer xRohat managed to break into the top 10 with a huge month in October, while the likes of Trainwrecks dropped out of the rankings to make way.

While there’s always several familiar faces in the top 10, it’s definitely interesting to see the likes of xRohat break ahead of the bigger names on Twitch. In total, seven out of the top 10 are non-English speaking broadcasters.

Gaules speaking to camera
Gaules tops the list for Twitch streamers in October 2021.

Previous most viewed streamers

Most watched Twitch streamers (September)

xQc was top once again in September, but felt some real pressure from Auronplay and Gaules. With the likes of TimTheTatman switching to YouTube Gaming, there’s space for new names to occupy the top spots, and it’s already happening.


Streamer Watch time Stream time Peak viewers
xQc 15,642,432 hours 270 hours 145,551
Auronplay 15,099,776 hours 108 hours 317,437
Gaules 14,858,677 hours 709 hours 130,718
Shroud 9,617,697 hours 222 hours 161,559
MontanaBlack88 8,732,862 hours 145 hours 156,309
Ibai 8,520,087 hours 124 hours 204,890
LOUD_Coringa 8,161,061 hours 147 hours 97,582
FextraLife 7,962,870 hours 252 hours 158,719
TrainwrecksTV 7,792,684 hours 308 hours 48,510
加藤純一です (kato_junichi0817) 7,691,648 hours 211 hours 219,949

Most watched Twitch streamers (August)

xQc is an ever-present at the top of the list, and was particularly dominant in August. NICKMERCS’ Apex Legends switch helped him surge through the ranks, while streamers like Auronplay and Ibai tapped into their dedicated audiences.

Streamer Watch time Stream time Peak viewers
xQc 19,136,968 hours 312 hours 102,676
Auronplay 14,282,325 hours 118 hours 243,065
loud_coringa 11,912,874 hours 157 hours 139,995
NICKMERCS 11,603,615 hours 235 hours 103,775
ibai 11,109,584 hours 122 hours 490,194
Gaules 9,761,566 hours 736 hours 77,884
TrainwrecksTV 8,544,384 hours 320 hours 50,383
ROSHTEIN 7,728,531 hours 347 hours 40,795
summit1g 7,500,613 hours 318 hours 42,406
Asmongold 7,437,561 hours 130 hours 106,282

Stay tuned to find out who the most-watched Twitch streamers are in November!