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Tony Lopez under fire for ignoring harassment claims amid Twitter return

Published: 14/Aug/2020 14:20

by Georgina Smith


After several TikToks documenting alleged sexual harassment of minors by influencer Tony Lopez went viral, people looked for Lopez to address the rumours. He’s back posting on social media without mentioning the allegations, and many people are angry.

Over the past few weeks, several girls as young as 15 have emerged to allege that TikTok star Tony Lopez had messaged them inappropriately via a private snapchat. In messages to one girl he said: “your face is kissable” and called her “baby.”


While some defended Lopez, many called for the authorities to be brought in due to the sheer volume of accusations that were being made, and the amount of evidence involving screenshots and recordings that was mounting.

On August 9, Lopez tweeted: “I’ve got a lot to talk about,” which many took as a sign that he has acknowledged the allegations and was planning on speaking out about them.

Following this tweet and a message to his fans saying “I love you guys, stay happy,” he went silent on Twitter. That is until August 14 when he began tweeting again, though it wasn’t the explanation that people were anticipating.


Instead of addressing the allegations, he posted tweets about his general life, including comments such as: “Why am I awake I need to sleep,” and “I ate too much food today.”

The response in the replies to his tweet was mixed. Fans still insisted that he should “not care about the haters” and that they “missed [him] so much.” Others told him to “address it and apologize” for “go[ing] after 15-year-old girls.”

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It’s currently unclear whether or not Lopez and his team are handling this behind the scenes, but tension is mounting as a direct explanation from the TikTok influencer becomes increasingly less likely.