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TimTheTatman shares how he embarrassed himself when meeting Connor McGregor

Published: 14/Mar/2021 1:06

by Bill Cooney


Twitch streamer TimTheTatman has revealed the embarrassing story of when he met MMA star Connor McGregor and froze up like it was a final match in Fall Guys.

The biggest Twitch streamers are definitely a certain type of celebrity in their own right, pulling in thousands or even tens of thousands of viewers a stream. But that doesn’t exactly put them on the same level as say, a world-class athlete.

During a stream on March 13 Tim shared some funny stories of his interactions with celebrities, but none were as embarrassing as the time he met McGregor.

“I met Connor McGregor guys, and I’m not kidding,” the streamer said, and not one to keep chat hanging on a good story, he went on to explain how he ended up on the same elevator as the fighter at the 2019 Super Bowl.


“So on our way up, I’m thinking to myself, am I gonna try and say something to Connor McGregor?” Tim said recalling his thought process at the time. “Are you ever going to get the chance to say something to Connor McGregor ever again? Probably not.”

After deciding he definitely was going to say something, it basically all went downhill from there. But all things considered, it probably could have gone worse, at least.

“I was so nervous bro, and the only thing that comes out of my mouth to Connor is, like I’m an ogre living in my lair, ‘names Tim, big fan,’ like I just learned how to talk,” Tim said, obviously ashamed at his failed attempt at playing it cool. “I guess it’s not terrible, it could have gone worse.”


After spinning the embarrassing story, Tim added that since this has happened, he’s noticed when the situation is reversed with his fans.

“It’s been flipped, where I see someone just staring at me, but what I’ll do — because I know the position you’re in — I’ll say something to you,” the streamer graciously added. “It is funny though man, it’s funny.”

Tim regularly streams with all kinds of celebrities, so he’s definitely no stranger to fame — but coming face-to-face with huge stars is obviously a whole different game than just playing Warzone with them.