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TimTheTatman reveals biggest issue playing Apex Legends with NICKMERCS

Published: 11/Aug/2021 23:15

by Dylan Horetski


TimTheTatman has revealed the biggest issue playing with fellow Twitch streamer NICKMERCS, as they continue to stutter in the grind towards Diamond Rank in Apex Legends. 

Anyone active in the FPS content creator scene has seen some of the friendly banter between TimTheTatman and basically the entirety of the internet.

With jokes ranging from the fall damage king being mocked by the Fall Guys Twitter account last year to NICKMERCS being mad at him for losing ranked matches, some may even say it’s how he’s risen to the position he’s in.

Twitch: TimTheTatman
TimTheTatman is one of the biggest Twitch streamers around.

NICKMERCS blaming TimTheTatman for losing on Apex Legends

On his August 9 stream, the leader of the MFAM roasted TimTheTatman for being the reason they were wiped by an enemy squad.


He proceeded to turn to a notepad on his screen, repeatedly typing: “You are not gonna climb diamond with Tim”.

TimTheTatman hits back after NICKMERCS’ roast

Following on from that, on his August 11 stream, the Tatman himself started off with a Just Chatting section of stream.

During this, he messages his teammate and FaZe Clan star to see if he wants to play Apex Ranked mode.

Shortly after sending him the message, he turns to chat and says: “The biggest issue that I see is if we start losing, he’s going to get mad at me. It’s just how it is,” referencing the roast by NICKMERCS the day before.


Though, TimTheTatman isn’t always the worst player on the team.

On his August 9 stream, he managed to pull off a perfect “full send” – taking out multiple enemies before getting hit himself – while playing with NICKMERCS and VISS.

This certainly is not the first time we’ve seen the two FPS stars get into it before, and the odds are it won’t be the last.