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TikTokers Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman get into heated street fight during live stream

Published: 7/Jan/2021 19:35

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok stars Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman got into a heated argument via Instagram Live, leading to an all-out brawl in the street that was broadcasted to their viewers for a short time.

It’s only January, but 2021 is already starting off with a bang. Current events aside, it seems that TikTok drama is also heating up in a huge way, with two of the platform’s top creators coming to blows in the street.

Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman are normally hailed as best friends, both being top-tier influencers with millions of followers on multiple social media platforms.

However, it seems the two have cut ties recently, as told by a heated argument they got into during an Instagram Live stream on January 6 (although the reason for their argument is unknown).



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“You live 20 minutes away from me!” Mena can be heard taunting, as though threatening to show up to Guzman’s spot.

“Alright!” Guzman replied. “Pull up then, b***h!”

“Do it! Do it! You swearing — want me to say it to your face?” Mena continued.

“Come right now!” Guzman challenged.

“Alright p***y, f**k it. You want some shit?” Mena answered before ending the live video feed.

It seems that their argument turned physical shortly thereafter, as a video quickly spread across social media that showed the two stars throwing down in the middle of the street.

“I’m right here! Touch me boy, I dare you!” Guzman can be heard saying before being shoved by Mena. The two engage in a short scuffle before the footage cuts off.


Needless to say, their followers are both completely shocked and somewhat amused, with many theorizing that the fight may have been faked, considering their status as former best friends — but a tweet from Mena may have shone a different light on the situation.

“The truth comes out eventually,” he wrote, leading to further speculation regarding his sudden spat with Guzman.

For now, all fans can do is watch and wait for further information to be revealed as Mena so mysteriously tweeted.