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TikToker Justine Paradise reveals she’s received threats after Jake Paul accusations

Published: 3/May/2021 11:50

by Georgina Smith


Justine Paradise has revealed that, following accusations of sexual assault against YouTuber Jake Paul, she has been receiving an influx of threats and “disgusting hate.”

On April 9, Justine uploaded a YouTube video in which she detailed her experience of going to the Team 10 house, and claimed Jake Paul sexually assaulted her.

Jake firmly denied the allegations when he responded on April 13, calling it “a manufactured accusation” and a “blatant attempt for attention.”

He also added that he would be “pursuing this defamation of character case to the fullest extent of the law.”

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Jake Paul Twitter
Paul responded to Paradise’s claims via Twitter.

In a new video to let her followers know how she’s been doing since she made her previous video, Justine has revealed the level of hate she’s been receiving online.


“I’m getting so many threats in my DMs,” she began. “Not just from random people but from people who are in Los Angeles, telling me that they’re here so I need to watch my back. People saying that they will fight me if they see me, people saying that I need to kill myself.”

Justine went onto explain that: “There are so many messages of people just telling me just to kill myself. That’s super overwhelming for me because I’ve never experienced this amount of hate on the internet before. The hate is so insane.”

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On her feelings about having so many eyes focused on her story, she said, “it’s so strange to watch so many people judge even the tiniest things I say,” and added, “it’s so weird to have this much attention, and especially for so much of it to be negative, it’s really hard.”


The TikToker also revealed that she’s considering turning off her comments and DMs altogether as a result of the extreme backlash. “At first I just kind of got wrapped up in looking at the comments because when people ask questions I wanted to be able to answer them and defend myself, but there’s just so much disgusting hate that it’s just pointless to even go through it,” she added.

It doesn’t appear that Jake Paul’s team has taken any legal action against Justine yet, but how the situation will progress going forward remains to be seen.