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TikToker goes viral for asking mansion owners how they make their money

Published: 28/Jan/2021 19:28 Updated: 29/Jan/2021 11:42

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok has become a hive for viral content of all sorts, but one creator is gaining millions of followers for doing something we’ve all wanted to do — asking the owners of extravagant homes how they make their money.

TikToker Aaron Vankampen is spicing up the platform’s already wide array of videos by walking right up to some of his area’s most impressive homes and questioning their owners about their jobs.

It’s only natural to wonder what mansion owners do to afford such incredible homes — but rather than pondering from afar, Vankampen is taking initiative and asking them about their occupations, himself.


As a result of his ventures, Vankampen has met with the likes of logistics company owners, real estate developers, excavating contractors and more, and has even been given gifts by several of them (like when a particularly generous champagne/cannabis brand owner offered him some of his products as a parting gift).

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Of course, it’s not just the ostentatious homes that Vankampen takes note of; more often than not, the TikToker will greet homeowners with comments about their cars, which generally include a series of luxury vehicles and sportscars.

However, not all of his videos go off without a hitch, One mansion owner joked that he dealt in human organ trafficking when approached by Vankampen, making for a humorously awkward confrontation.


While some of the homeowners don’t seem too jazzed about being interrogated by a stranger, a few of his video subjects have invited Vankampen back for tours of their houses, giving the average joe a quick glimpse into the lives of the incredibly rich — alongside genuinely inspiring talks about what it takes to become successful.

Curious viewers can catch these house tours on Vankampen’s YouTube channel, where he boasts a comparatively humble 5,000 subscribers — but for those interested in the short-form, rapid-fire door-to-door vids, his TikTok account is the place to be.

Vankampen seems to be doing fairly well, himself, as evidenced by a humorous video where he “asked himself” what he does for a living, making sure to note the sleek Rolls Royce parked in his driveway.


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In a way, it’s beautifully ironic that Vankampen has managed to make a name for himself by interviewing other massively successful people, having garnered over 1.5 million TikTok followers as a result of his unique video content.