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TikToker gains millions of followers after Mr Beast-style giveaway

Published: 8/Feb/2021 16:15

by Alice Hearing


A TikTok user is earning millions of viewers by giving money away to his followers who he randomly selects in a pretty unusual way.

User Nice2Strangers started to give money away to some of his followers on TikTok at the end of 2020, after admitting that he was inspired by MrBeast’s immense generosity.

For each of his followers, the TikToker writes a name on his bedroom wall, and to begin with, it wasn’t such a challenge, given his follower count was low enough not to take up so much space.

But since one video went insanely viral, accruing more than 28 million views, this TikToker’s follower count massively increased from zero to 1 million in just 5 days according to his YouTube channel. Now his follower count sits at a hefty 2.6 million.


@nice2strangers_She didn’t follow me …… what do I do y’all???? Another throw tonight ?♬ original sound – Nice2strangers

This meant that he had to write the names of millions of followers all over his house and that even extends to the basement. At this point you might wonder how on earth he picks out who to give the money to – his unusual method is to throw a dart at the wall and whoever’s username it lands on will get $100 on the day he posts.

Several lucky followers have earned money from Nice2Strangers so far, but not every dart throw is successful, as occasionally it will hit a username that no longer follows him, is a bot, or no longer exists


Nice2Strangers has previously explained the reason behind his TikToks on his YouTube channel. He said, “I started thinking about my favorite YouTuber, who is MrBeast, and all he does is give… I liked his videos so much because I love to see the reactions of people whose lives just changed.”

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He continued to explain that influencers should regularly give back to their followers: “Even if it’s not money, you should be giving something back to them. Write their name down, recognize them follow them back. These are things that I think influencers are sleeping on..something that comes with this is giving back, being kind. If you can do this, that will come back to you.”


At his current rate of success, Nice2Strangers could be gaining millions more followers in the coming weeks. Will he become the TikTok version of MrBeast? If so, let’s just hope he has enough space on his walls.