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TikTok user exposes more Tony Lopez DMs allegedly sent to minors

Published: 26/Sep/2020 18:39 Updated: 6/Oct/2020 10:16

by Charlotte Colombo


Yet another girl has come forward to accuse TikTok star, Tony Lopez, of inappropriate conduct via Instagram messages, stating that she was just 15 at the time. 

Tony Lopez, 20, is one half of popular TikTok and YouTube duo, The Lopez Brothers, wherein he creates content with 23-year-old brother Ondreaz Lopez. Both brothers are also part of content creation collective the Hype House, which includes influencers Chase Hudson and Addison Rae.

Following two months of allegations, Lopez has now fallen into further disgrace, with another victim taking to TikTok with evidence of Lopez’s inappropriate communication with her while she was still a minor.


The allegations were made by TikTok user @groooovybaby, who made a video showing a 2019 conversation between the two as well as proof that the messages came from Tony Lopez’s Instagram account.

@groooovybabyFor y’all who said I was cappin… I was 15 he was 19♬ original sound – The_real_muchoflow_

The Instagram messages show him telling her: “come here you’re so fine”, as well as repeatedly asking her “wyd” and calling her “cutie” and “baby”. He then asks her to continue the conversation on his private Snapchat account.

Once they’re on Snapchat, Lopez is shown to become more explicit. He repeatedly tells groooovybaby that he “wants her”, calls her “sexy” and also tells her that he wants her to perform sexual acts on him.


Concerningly, a lot of the commenters on the TikTok seemed to be placing the blame on the girl. One commenter said that she’s “just as much in the wrong as he is” for replying whilst another said that “there’s a block button for a reason”.

Instagram: tikltokroom
This isn’t the first time Lopez has been exposed for sending inappropriate messages to minors.

However, other commenters took to defend the victim, with one user saying that she shouldn’t be blamed because she was “15 and didn’t know any better”, whilst another user noted that she “probably didn’t understand at the time that he was grooming her [sic].”

Meanwhile, users over on Instagram page TikTok room questioned why he wasn’t in prison yet or at least kicked off of the platform, with one user noting that “this is getting too much”.


This latest spate of allegations comes after skincare brand Bliss confirmed that they had ceased working with Lopez in light of these allegations.

Instagram: bliss
Skincare brand Bliss confirmed last month that they had dropped Lopez following these accusations.

In a comment on one of their TikTok videos, Bliss said, “We take these accusations very seriously, and will not work with Tony Lopez going forward. We’re committed to working with partners who uphold our brand values.”

Lopez has most recently amassed criticism for his public apology following the accusations.

Many accused his apology of being too “vague”, as he referred to the allegations as “these actions” while not detailing the allegations themselves. He also faced backlash for blaming his actions on being “new to the entertainment/LA scene”.


Lopez is yet to respond to these most recent allegations.