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TikTok star Brandon Robert attacked by fake fan during livestream

Published: 3/May/2021 20:13

by Virginia Glaze


Popular TikToker Brandon Robert was in the middle of a live broadcast when he was assailed by someone pretending to be a fan — but in the end, it looks like Robert got the better of his attacker.

In the age of social media, being a full-time influencer certainly sounds like a dream job. Having millions of fans and making serious dough from brand deals are all definite upsides to the career, after all.

However, not everything is sunshine and roses for top-tier content creators. Many social media stars have come out with harrowing tales of being stalked, harassed, and otherwise assailed due to their online fame.


Brandon Robert is one such personality. A popular TikToker, Robert boasts over 10 million followers on the app — so it came as little surprise that he thought all the best of a potential fan who approached him during a recent TikTok Live.

While the fan declined to show his face on the broadcast, he did ask for a photo with Robert. It’s here that the situation turned sour; rather than posing for a pic, the “fan” assailed Roberts with a water bottle.

“Your videos suck ****!” the assailant can be heard saying from off-camera before speeding away in his car.

Understandably shaken up and confused, Robert yelled after the fake fan as he drove off… but it turns out that his little stunt could seriously cost him.


On May 2, Robert uploaded a video recapping the incident and followed up with a comparatively cheerful segment where he revealed that he’d managed to find out his attacker’s name, place of employment and even his wife’s identity.

@thebrandonrobertI CAUGHT HIM 😊😊😊😊♬ original sound – Brandon Robert

“You have 36 hours to send me an apology video, person who did this,” Robert challenged. “If you do not DM me a video of you apologizing, I am going to inform both your work and your wife.”

Robert then claimed that he would post the apology video on TikTok for “all to see” — so either way, it seems like the assailant isn’t exactly coming out on top.


With names like Jeffree Star also warning stalkers who have come up to his house, it seems like influencers are getting tired of these kinds of invasions of privacy and disrespect lately.