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TikTok of Addison Rae dancing in public goes viral for stranger’s awkward reaction

Published: 25/Jun/2021 17:38

by Georgina Smith


People are roasting a viral video that captured TikTok sensation Addison Rae dancing in public, with people pointing out the stranger in the background’s reaction.

20-year-old Addison Rae is one of the biggest stars to emerge from the ever-expanding video app TikTok. Although she only began posting on the app in 2019, she has already accumulated over 80 million followers on the app, along with large followings on other platforms like Instagram.

The star is also finding career success left, right, and center, releasing her first song ‘Obsessed,’ and filming a movie both within the past year.

Addison rae in her music video for 'Obsessed'
YouTube: Addison Rae
‘Obsessed’ is Addison’s first single.

However, being such a popular star on TikTok, she’s often the subject of a variety of jokes and memes about those who make viral dance videos on the app.


That was taken to the next level after a video emerged on an account called tik.tokmagazine of the star dancing in public.

She stands in what appears to be a cafe facing her phone, as a third person films her doing a TikTok dance.

The camera slowly pans across to a man sitting at another table, looking as though he doesn’t know how to respond to the situation unfolding before him. The original poster of the video has drawn an arrow next to him saying ‘me.’

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@tik.tokmagazineThis made me laugh ##TubiTaughtMe ##addisonrae♬ original sound – TIK TOK MAGAZINE

The video quickly picked up traction with 350,000 likes and over 2.7 million views at the time of writing.


Viewers were baffled by the video, with one comment that reads: “I can’t even order anything through the phone, let alone this,” getting over 40,000 likes.

Some added that they couldn’t do what Addison does, saying: “How is she not embarrassed,” and “she literally fears nothing.”

The clip also picked up traction on Twitter, with people posting their various reactions in the replies.

While some made fun of the star, others defended her for just doing her job. It’s not clear whether she knew the man at the table or not, but people seemed to find his reaction funny either way.