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The FaZe5 contest returns, allowing you to join FaZe Clan

Published: 23/Sep/2018 4:20 Updated: 23/Sep/2018 4:53

by Vincent Genova


FaZe Clan announced the return of #FaZe5, an open to the public recruitment challenge where the winner becomes a full member of the popular YouTube clan.

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The contest was announced in a new video on the FaZe Clan channel, featuring Banks, TFue and Adapt.

A start date for the FaZe5 contest was not detailed, but was hinted to launch anytime during the next two months.

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Adapt and TFue were most likely chosen to sit alongside Banks for a reason, as Adapt participated – and lost – in the original FaZe5 contest.

This new version of the contest will also involve Fortnite content creation and TFue is a member of FaZe’s Fortnite team.


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Those who do not have the skill of TFue can still enter the contest however, as the FaZe members were clear they are open to all forms of content creation. Those who lose the contest may still get in FaZe one day, it worked for Adapt.

The video also teased two new members joining before FaZe5 gets underway, and those names have subsequently been released.

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For the complete announcement on the FaZe5 contest, you can check out the video below.