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TDPresents ‘exposes’ why 2HYPE kicked out former members, including Los Pollos

Published: 28/Dec/2020 23:42 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 16:00

by Alan Bernal


Drama has embroiled 100 Thieves’ 2HYPE collective with former members speaking up against the group, including YouTuber TDPresents, who suggested that his and LosPollosTV’s removal was motivated by financial gains.

TD presented a 30-minute account of his side, in an attempt to debunk some of the things that were being said by current members Kristopher London, Jesser, Jeidel, and more. The former 2HYPE member also commented on London’s since-deleted video that TD says is filled with lies and contradictions.

At its height in 2018, there were nine people that made up 2HYPE: Jesser, Cash Nasty, 50KalMal, Kristopher London, ZackTTG, Jiedel, Mopi, TDPresents, and LosPollosTV, with ThatWalkerYT in talks to become the 10th official member. Moochie joined in September 2020.


According to TD, who describes himself as a part of “the core four” people in 2HYPE at one point, the group started to trim the roster sheet as they moved to become an official corporation. The fewer people listed in the corporation, the more revenue that could be split among official members.

2HYPE in 2018 featuring the nine faces of the YouTube collective.

This, he suggested, was the main motivating factor for 2HYPE members distancing themselves from people who didn’t represent the group’s brand. Though the catalyst of the removals included circulating rumors, in-fighting among the group behind others’ backs, and directed decries on social media meant to sway public opinion, TD said.


Inconsistencies started to present themselves from 2HYPE’s account of events and what TD was presenting.

“When we first lived in the house, I was in charge of everything,” he said, showing receipts of bills paid in relation to the 2HYPE house. He made the point to discount Jeidel’s messages and London’s video about former members not pulling their weight in the group.

“Everybody that is no longer a part of 2HYPE, they left. They left. So say it with your chest, that you left so stop talking about it,” London said in his deleted response video to the drama that TD found issues with.


“I deleted everything related to the drama because it just caused more drama & all this is childish. I apologize… I’m here to spread positivity. Did I mess up? Yeah,” London added, on December 22.

In a leaked Discord call, London and ZackTTG suggested that TD and LosPollos should “build (their) narrative” about stepping away from 2HYPE to focus on their own personal channels/careers.

This didn’t sit well with TD since he claims he initially wanted to make the push for 2HYPE to be its own channel and central brand years before but was now getting kicked out. TD did not go along with London and Zack’s suggestion of publicly announcing that he was stepping back from 2HYPE.


Mopi, who left the group in early December 2020, told TD that removing them from the group was motivated by business interests, but the reasons for it were “childish and (showed) how many straws they’re grasping at to find s**t to paint you guys as the bad guys in the picture.”

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On December 16, Mopi was sent a Cease & Desist letter regarding statements made about 2HYPE Corp. online: “Using a cease and desist and trying to paint me as mentally unstable shows the lengths these guys will go to hide their actions. They’re not victims. Don’t fall for it.”


2HYPE won the Creator Squad award at the 2020 YouTube Streamy Awards earlier this month, beating out the likes of 100 Thieves (who they ended up joining), FaZe Clan, and David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad.

Current members of the 2HYPE house have signaled they want to leave the drama and negativity behind them to focus on the future. TDPresents picked up legal representation for the on-going strife with the YouTube collective.