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Taylor Paul accused of faking viral haunted house TikTok

Published: 11/Aug/2021 20:18

by Dylan Horetski


With tons of trending videos, Taylor Paul is no stranger to getting attention. She has no reason to be surprised when her “haunted house” video featuring her vacuuming the upstairs hallway goes viral, but many question its legitimacy.

TikToker Taylor Paul, with 1.7 million followers and over 41.3 million likes, is definitely used to having videos go viral.

Her profile consists of anything from trending dances and “about me” style song trends to the 27 year old claiming she’s Mormon and actually 50 years old.

Taylor’s haunted house

Among the variety of videos posted by Paul are ones about how her house is supposedly haunted. In the first video posted on July 29, she shows herself dancing in the living room while one of her kitchen lamps starts moving.



Repost cuz I still can’t believe we caught this on camera #haunted #scary #hauntedhouse

♬ Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child

As soon as the video was posted, it started receiving comments doubting the video’s legitimacy. Comments claiming it was a slick video edit to others doubting it could be haunted because the house is too new (and therefore, couldn’t possibly be built upon haunted land).

tiktok comment about haunted house

comment talking about haunted house

Taylors latest trending video

After a few weeks of no content showing the haunted house, the long-haired TikToker uploaded one on August 8 and immediately went viral with over 9 million views.

This video, showing Taylor vacuuming the upstairs hallway, included various doors around the kitchen popping open and the lamp moving by the apparent ghost.


the things we would miss if we didn’t have our house cams 👀 #haunted #scary #hauntedhouse

♬ Yes I recognize them – The mid study of vanitas

As usual, the comments immediately started flooding with people doubting the legitimacy of the TikToker’s video.


tiktok comment

tiktok comment

There are a lot of things to notice about the videos that just don’t make sense. Is there someone hiding in the hallway?

Everything happened to the beat of the song being played and specific movements from the vacuum. Is it a case of an on-beat ghost or another case of TikTokers faking something for views? No one knows for sure – but it’s definitely making for an intriguing case, nonetheless.