TanaCon organizer files for bankruptcy, teases ‘real’ TanaCon documentary - Dexerto

TanaCon organizer files for bankruptcy, teases ‘real’ TanaCon documentary

Published: 3/Nov/2018 20:01

by Virginia Glaze


22-year-old Michael Weist, organizer of the hotly controversial TanaCon, revealed that he has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy – and is even releasing another TanaCon documentary.

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Michael revealed these details in a series of Tweets, one of which was in response to a video that Tana Mongeau posted just ahead of Halloween.

In the video, Tana dressed up as a ‘sexy’ version of Weist in a mock Halloween costume, joking that she was ‘going to lose her house’ over the outfit. This was a reference to Weist’s statement over TanaCon, where he feared that he would lose his home due to refunding attendees for their tickets.


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Weist didn’t take the video lightly. He posted a scathing response to Tana’s Tweet, writing, “Try me.” He also attached promotional poster to the statement that revealed an upcoming documentary series over TanaCon, titled, “TanaCon: What Really Happened.”

Weist revealed that the documentary will be released soon; while the post (created on October 29) read “COMING THIS WEEK,” it looks like the series has yet to air, and may possibly be scheduled for the week of November 4.

Weist Tweeted out other pertinent information, as well; he revealed that his company, Good Times Entertainment, is dissolving, and has even filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


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Weist admitted in a press release preceding the Tweet that this action was due to the ultimate failure of TanaCon, and that he believed Bankruptcy to be the ‘only option’ for Good Times.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the end of Michael’s efforts to explain himself; with his new documentary on the way, there’s a high possibility that even more hidden details could be revealed in regards to the failed convention.