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Tana Mongeau under fire after privating “long overdue” apology video

Published: 5/Sep/2020 0:18 Updated: 5/Sep/2020 1:01

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and MTV starlet Tana Mongeau is facing backlash online after finally uploading her previously promised apology video and immediately privating it.

While Mongeau boasts an impressive 5.4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, the star has been hit with criticism throughout the past year and a half after marrying fellow influencer Jake Paul in what many deemed to be a publicity stunt.

The two “divorced” shortly thereafter, leaving Tana single after months of heavy speculation in paparazzi’s watchful eyes — but the drama wasn’t over just yet.


Mongeau received heavy scrutiny from critics after a former friend, YouTuber Kahlen Barry, released a video accusing Tana of racist behavior while he was involved with their old content group, “Trash,” leading to a slew of outrage over the situation.

Tana Mongeau talks to friends while out at dinner.
YouTube: The Hollywood Fix
YouTuber Tana Mongeau has received a slew of backlash in the past few months, with many critics taking issue with her going out, partying, and eating at restaurants amidst the global health crisis, as shown here.

While Tana later apologized, she was also criticized for partying in the midst of the current global health crisis, and promised fans an apology video on multiple occasions to address all the claims against her.

Mongeau finally uploaded her apology video on September 4 at around 2 PM PST — but the video went private almost immediately, with comments turned off, sparking yet even more controversy around the YouTuber.


Tana Mongeau's privated apology video.
YouTube: Tana Mongeau
Mongeau had initially privated her apology video, leading to an outburst of backlash across social media.

Thankfully, Mongeau’s video was up again an hour afterwards — although it doesn’t seem her forthcoming apology was met with good reviews.

In her video, Mongeau claimed she was “disgusted” by her previous apology videos and acknowledged her offensive behavior, but commenters are finding the statements disingenuous after waiting three months for the fifteen-minute-long video that appeared to be all over the place.

“It is far past the time I needed to own up to my behavior and take 100% accountability for my actions,” Tana said in her video. “If I had wanted people to see that I had truly grown, you’d think that my actions would have been in unison with that thought before this moment.”


Other viewers felt that her video seemed rushed and forced. That’s not all; the video currently has more dislikes than likes, with 404k dislikes to 115k likes at the time of writing.

Considering all the outrage against Mongeau at the moment, it comes as little surprise that her highly demanded and long-awaited apology is being met with negativity despite calls for her to grow and change.

Tana has since commented to the outrage, claiming that she will upload another explanatory video responding to her fans’ thoughts on the video with further explanation, as told in a tweet reply to Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR.


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