Tana Mongeau claps back at haters over trash allegations: “We cleaned up everything” - Dexerto

Tana Mongeau claps back at haters over trash allegations: “We cleaned up everything”

Published: 18/Jul/2021 18:23

by Hannah Van-de-Peer


YouTube sensation Tana Mongeau has responded to allegations that she left “trash” on a beach in Hawaii. The star was quizzed by The Hollywood Fix while leaving a restaurant in Beverly Hills. Tana insists she “loves Hawaii,” and that the allegations are “blatant lies.”

Tana has hit the headlines multiple times the week of July 12. Her relationship with rapper Chris Miles confused fans, while some of them even showed up to her new house.

On July 1, Twitter user @astro_gorl personally called Tana out for leaving trash on the beach. The post speculates the beach was littered during a “day” of “partying.” After ‘astro gorl’ didn’t receive a response from the YouTuber, fellow user Kayleigh Makani took it to her front door. “I’m assuming this is why you… didn’t bother to clean up your trash,” she said in response to one of Tana’s tweets.


Tana then hit back, calling the allegation a “blatant lie” and expressed her frustration at “weird creepy (sic) people.”

On July 17, The Hollywood Post asked Tana about the accusations. “We had a little scandal,” the star said. “People (were) saying that we were being dirty.”

The YouTuber stated that she would never do anything to “disrespect the island,” and that she “cleaned up everything.” She expressed fondness for her “favorite place,” saying “I love Hawaii.”

Fans seemed wary of Tana’s “trash” response

Twitter users seemed doubtful of Tana’s innocence. One user jokingly suggested the star “bring a trashcan… next time.”

Others called for her to “pick up (her) s**t,” while one even called her a “liar and a scammer.” You can check out more of Tana’s Hawaii escapades on her Instagram.