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Sykkuno explains why he doesn’t play GTA RP with Corpse, DisguisedToast & Valkyrae

Published: 19/Jun/2021 13:00

by Connor Bennett


Streaming star Sykkuno has explained why he’s been able to stick around in GTA RP for so long while some of his friends have only dipped their toes in.

With GTA RP being on the rise once again, a handful of big variety streamers have gotten involved, especially with NopPixel’s hugely popular server.

Sykkuno was against joining at first, but he’s become a key part of the city’s criminal underground, especially when it comes to robbing banks and cracking safes.

He has been joined in NoPixel by some of his Among Us Amigops pals, but they’ve not taken to the city like he has – and the Twitch star believes he knows why that’s the case.


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Sykkuno’s Yuno character has become a star in GTA RP.

Before jumping into GTA RP on June 18, Sykkuno started his stream as he always does, chatting to fans about a number of different topics. One fan asked him if he had a game in mind that would replace Among Us.

Sykkuno noted that GTA has become the game that most streamers play, but it hasn’t quite replaced the social aspect of Among Us for his group, given the likes of Corpse, DisguisedToast, and Valkyrae haven’t quite taken to it like he has.

“The fact is guys, a lot of my friends… you don’t see Corpse, Rae, or Toast that much in GTA, because you have to get really really invested,” he said. “And the fact is, if I didn’t meet Mr Lang (Twitch streamer Buddha), I wouldn’t even be doing the vault. There’s almost no chance we would have been able to work our way up from the bottom. You need to know somebody who has been there a while.”


While Valkyrae hasn’t fully quit GTA RP – she can still be found playing on stream at times – a few others have. Corpse and Toast both got involved for a few streams, but it’s rare to see them in Los Santos now.

On top of that, Sykkuno is planning to get his GTA RP pals into the OfflineTV Minecraft server once they open things up, so it’ll be the best of both worlds.