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Sykkuno announces surprise Twitch subathon and fans are losing their minds

Published: 1/Oct/2021 4:52 Updated: 1/Oct/2021 4:56

by Isaac McIntyre


Sykkuno shocked fans with a surprise Twitch subathon, started midway through his September 30 stream and with just eight minutes left on the timer, but it’s already backfired on the star ⁠— the countdown is already climbing quickly, recently hitting as high as five hours.

“Today we’re doing a subathon,” Sykkuno declared midway through his September 30 stream, totally blowing the socks off his Twitch fans in the process.

Subathons have been all the rage over the past few months, sparked by Ludwig’s historic 700-hour effort. Since then, platform stars like Pestily and Athena, have all flocked to the idea. Top streamers like xQc have promised subathons of their own too, though his has yet to eventuate.


And now, apparently, Sykkuno has joined the Twitch craze.

Only, there was no announcement, no planned start date. On September 30, he simply declared, “we are doing a subathon,” but the star added a cheeky catch.

Sykkuno Twitch Chat Streamers
Twitch: Sykkuno
Sykkuno has announced a shock Twitch subathon with just eight minutes left on the clock.

“Today, we’re doing a subathon,” the Twitch star revealed, before cheekily adding, “but here’s the thing guys. The subathon already started an hour and a half ago, when we started the stream. You guys just didn’t know it yet.”

Sykkuno then fiddled around with his stream elements to reveal a ticking clock with just minutes left. “The timer has been happening the entire time, and we only have eight minutes left.”


The streamer kept a straight face as he shared the news.

“Unfortunately, the subathon is about to end,” he continued. “I’ll keep streaming anyway, because we’ve got nothing else to do. I mean, I’ll leave the timer up, but just like we thought guys, the subathon would last about an hour or two maximum, then it’ll be over. So there we go guys, we did it, the subathon.”

The star smiled: “Last day of Subtember. It’s happening guys, and there’s only eight minutes left. It’s only like five seconds per sub, because I didn’t want it to last.”


Hilariously, things haven’t gone to plan; the star’s fans are losing their minds, piling into his chat to boost the timer and “go for the full month!

The five-second boost per subscription was meant to keep the time (already ticking away at just eight minutes) low, but after his surprise announcement, the newly-revealed subathon clock soared up to over five hours. As of publication, Sykkuno’s Twitch channel timer now reads “5:06:14,” way up from eight minutes.

“It’s only five hours guys, that should be fine? It shouldn’t be that big of a problem I think,” he said as the timer ticked over the fifth-hour mark. Soon after, however, he added, “How are we still at five hours? Should I be worried?”


Right now, Sykkuno boasts just under 24k subscribers. Since the shock reveal, he’s been on GTA RP and changed his stream title to “LITERAL SCAMATHON”.

Tune in to Sykkuno’s ongoing Twitch subathon here.

The question Sykkuno fans are left with now is ⁠simple — will the shock subathon actually continue, or is it just a joke from the star?

There’s time left on the clock, yes, but the Californian streamer has made it pretty clear he’s not actually that interested in running a non-stop broadcast, despite his fans’ demands. Dexerto has reached out to the streamer, and will update you when we know any further details.


If Sykkuno does stick to his guns, he has the chance to soar into the Twitch history books with his surprise “scamathon” thanks to his 3.7 million-strong fanbase.