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Summit1g explains why fans are going to ruin The Division 2

Published: 18/Jan/2019 12:51 Updated: 18/Jan/2019 15:29

by Matt Porter


Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazaris has had his say on upcoming game Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, and thinks the developers need to learn from mistakes they made with the first game.

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The Division 2 is set to release in March, and will see players leave New York and head to Washington D.C. where the capital city is overrun by enemy marauders and mercenaries.

However, Lazaris doesn’t appear to be excited at the prospect of the new title, and looked back to the original game to give his thoughts on what Ubisoft have done wrong with the franchise – specifically with the game’s player-vs-player area, the Dark Zone. 


UbisoftThe Division 2 is set in Washington D.C.
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“You want to know what happened chat?” summit1g told his chat. “They came out with the first Division and it was super popular, and then it started dying out like any game would.

“They started listening to the stupid fucking Reddit threads with these fucking crybabies that are complaining that they don’t like going into the Dark Zone because all these guys have really good loot. That’s why there is different sections of the fucking Dark Zone. Ones where noobs hang out, and ones where the top guys hang out.

“The top guys roam down there and shit down your throat? Well, sucks to be you bro, you’ve got to gear up. Stop catering to these people. There’s a reason our games are in the state that it’s in, your casual fans don’t know what the game needs,” concluded Lazaris.


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While summit1g seems unlikely to be picking up The Division 2, the streamer has been grinding Sea of Thieves, on which he has pulled off some incredible and hilarious plays.

The streamer has managed to swindle a number of teams into handing over their gold to him, and even made “the greatest play of all time” – according to himself – thanks to the help of a Megladon.