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Summit1G reacts to Ninja believing Fortnite had given him a skin in the game

Published: 8/Nov/2018 13:13 Updated: 8/Nov/2018 14:22

by Calum Patterson


Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar couldn’t contain his laughter as he watched fellow streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins in shock – believing Fortnite had given summit1G his own skin in the game.

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Ninja is of course the most popular Fortnite streamer, and has been for much of the game’s popularity over the past 12 months, so was understandably surprised to see that a skin bearing summit1G’s colors and a ‘G’ across the chest had been added.

To make matters worse, the skin was called ‘Summit Striker’, and all of this combined left Ninja at a loss for words – even though in reality the skin had nothing to do with his fellow streamer.


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Epic Games later confirmed that despite the name and G on the chest, this similarities were mere coincidence, meaning Ninja’s state of dismay was all over nothing.

Summit1G, who woke up on Wednesday, November 7 to the surprise news that he had apparently been honored in the most popular game in the world, reacted on stream to Ninja’s mistaken shock.

Before watching the clip, Summit1G sarcastically responded to his chat “‘Fortnite made you a skin’ – I know dude, they hit me up and were like look, ‘Ninja’s been asking us for a skin, we want to just make him feel like shit, so we’re going to give you a skin. Don’t tell anybody, but it’s low key you.'”


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He then watched and reacted to Ninja’s hilarious mix up on stream, laughing all the way at the shocked expression on the Fortnite streamers face, as DrLupo points out the likeness to Summit’s logo.

After watching Ninja’s reaction, Summit1G complimented the skin, saying that if he ever comes back to Fortnite that will be the one he’s rocking.

However, it doesn’t seem like he has any plans to return to the game any time soon, as he quickly hopped in to Call of Duty’s Blackout – but did remind his viewers to use his name in the Support a Creator scheme, so he can get some kick back when they buy Fortnite’s V-Bucks.


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Although Ninja is still patiently waiting for the day Epic Games finally decides to grant him his own skin in the game, he remains the only streamer to have ever had an item added specifically for them at their request.

After he jokingly asked for it, Epic added a ‘Plunja’ pickaxe – a toilet plunger with a Katana through it – in his honor.

The Ninja inspired ‘Plunja’ pickaxe.

Although Epic confirmed that the Summit Striker skin has nothing to do with summit1G, they have not ruled out the addition of streamer and YouTuber inspired skins.

But, it could throw up issues around bias and favoritism, depending on who was given a skin and who wasn’t, as well as royalties regarding whether the personalities themselves should receive a cut of the revenue.