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Summit1g rage quits GTA RP over the new “meta”

Published: 5/Apr/2020 13:46 Updated: 5/Apr/2020 13:54

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar hit out at the current GTA RP meta that prompted him to hop off the role-playing mod during his April 4 stream and jump on CS:GO instead.

While plenty of other big-name Twitch streamers have stopped playing GTA RP after its second boom in players, Summit1g has returned to his popular Charles Johnson character on a pretty regular basis. 

As his character falls on the wrong side of the law more often than not, the streaming star can find himself in trouble with the virtual Los Santos Police Department, but their actions prompted him to cut his RP session short during his April 4 stream.


Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games
Summit’s Charles Johnson persona isn’t exactly friendly with police.

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As he usually does when playing GTA RP, Summit had been partaking in a race with a few other players when, as he was racing through the Harmony part of the map, his car spun out after a crash with an NPC. 

With the Twitch star on the side of the road, the police urged him to stop as they tried to shut down the race. Yet, they appeared to get a bit heavy-handed. “That’s not f**king happening, why has he got a rifle?” Summit asked as his armor was ripped to shreds by the shots.


Summit was eventually taken down by shots, leaving him confused. “Dude, why man? Why is he using a rifle dude? That’s just… ok,” he added before heading off-stream for a few minutes. 

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In the RP community, there are a number of unwritten rules which dictate how players should play, to try to keep things somewhat realistic – as well as fair. An officer of the law gunning down an assailant, who is only using a pistol, with a fully-automatic rifle might not quite fit into these rules.

Upon his return, though, the streamer was pretty upset with what had happened claimed and he was going to change up the way he walks the streets of Los Santos.

“Listen chat, I learned something today. I’m not rolling around with just a pistol anymore,” he added. “We’re rolling round with automatics from now on dude, I’m just going to start fights out with automatics. I mean, I’m not going to be on the s**t end of the stick of that one anymore.”


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Once the roleplay had finished, and Summit was free to go about his business, he decided to call it quits and change up the game he was playing, heading to CS:GO.

“Listen man, if anything I remember from the past, in the RP world at least, once you get salty its time to get the f**k off,” Summit told his viewers. “It seeps real heavily into other people’s channels and s**t, especially coming from this channel, and we don’t want to continue that.”

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Though he might have thrown in the towel for one night, the veteran variety streamer didn’t say he was done with GTA for good, so he’ll probably make a return.


As for a possible change in the meta, that only comes from the people who are playing on the server so it might not be an overnight fix.