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Summit1g explains why he “needs” to return to GTA RP

Published: 14/Feb/2020 11:31

by Kamil Malinowski


Twitch star Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has finally revealed plans to switch it up on stream and will be making a return to a fan-favorite, Grand Theft Auto RP. 

The American streamer has fallen in love with tactical shooter Escape from Tarkov and is rarely seen playing anything else during his broadcasts.

However, he has finally decided to shake things up and will be bringing some more variety to his stream, revealing that he will be returning to Grand Theft Auto’s Roleplay servers – a game that used to be very popular with his fans.

GTA city
Rockstar Games
Many fans will be looking forward to Summit’s return to GTA V’s Los Santos.

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During his usual stream on Feb 13, Summit spoke about the state of his stream and how he hasn’t been following the tips he’s been giving out to new streamers, and will soon bring some changes.


“What do I always tell you guys to do? Don’t get stuck in a video game. Nighttime streams, night games, switch it up. We don’t do that, right? We’ve been playing EFT and nothing but EFT” he began, before revealing his future plans.

“I need to start doing more night games, and I really want to surprise everybody in the GTA world and just stop by every once in a while. Just for a few hours in the night, on really long sessions.”

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Many fans will no doubt be excited to see the return of Jaryd’s GTA antics, which usually see him get mixed up in hilarious situations or having unfortunate run-ins with the cops.


For those who have not seen GTA RP in action before, it’s a special mode where players take on the form of their character and live out lives in Los Santos. Some choose to be law-abiding citizens, some daring lawbreakers, and others even choose the dangerous law enforcement life.

Summit always chooses the fast-paced life of a lawbreaker and there’s no doubt fans will see him engage in illegal street races, battle the cops, and more, once he returns.