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Summit1g blown away by incredible gift from Twitch

Published: 30/Jan/2021 12:56 Updated: 30/Jan/2021 16:25

by Georgina Smith


Streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar was stunned after he opened an amazing gift sent to him by the Twitch team, revealing an incredible handmade sculpture of him and anime character Naruto.

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player summit1g is hugely popular on Twitch, boasting a following of over 5.8 million on his channel.

Having streamed for 8 years now, he’s managed to remain one of the most-watched broadcasters, and receives a lot of love from his many fans online – as well as from Twitch themselves.

Summit1g looking at camera
Summit1g, Twitch
Summit1g has a huge following online.

Twitch has been known in the past to surprise some of their most popular streamers with insane gifts. In November they surprised Pokimane, Valkyrae and xChocoBars with a backyard party with bathtubs full of gifts, and even a “meditation tent” with a movie projector inside.


Jaryd was the latest person to receive a gift from one of his mods and Twitch staff member, Pluto, and the Twitch team, and it’s safe to say he was over the moon with the personal gift.

Summit1g unboxes Twitch gift

On stream, he read aloud the thank you card that came along with a rather large box. The letter said, “thank you. I know the only thing bigger than your head is your love for Naruto. Thanks for always being a trendsetter and an amazing partner on Twitch. Love Pluto, and your Twitch fam.”

Already touched by the letter, he then moved on to open the box. Inside was a stunning sculpture, on top of which a model of him alongside Naruto stood. “Woah dude, what the f**k man,” he said, in awe at the intricate gift. Even better, the base of the sculpture lights up and fits in perfectly with the rest of his background.


Summit’s sculpted model is also wearing a blue armband, which is dedicated to GTA RP streamer blue622, who passed away in July 2020.

The sculpture was hand-sculpted and hand-painted by Christopher Notbusch who said “It was an honor for me to bring something like this to life.”

Twitch’s Pluto also tweeted, “One of the coolest gifts I’ve had the pleasure of working on. Cnotbusch CRUSHED this one.”

The sculpture was months in the making and Christoper Notbusch’s hard work and time absolutely paid off, with viewers loving Jaryd’s reaction to the unexpected gift.

Summit1g remains in the top 20 most-followed streamers on Twitch, and is still a trendsetter on the platform. He’s also managed to stay relatively controversy-free, and unlike some of his counterparts, has never left Twitch for a competing platform like YouTube or Mixer.