Streamer with Tourettes reveals her most awkward moment in hilarious story - Dexerto

Streamer with Tourettes reveals her most awkward moment in hilarious story

Published: 26/Oct/2018 18:32

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch streamer ‘Sweet_Anita,’ has been gaining major momentum ever since clips from her broadcasts have gone viral – and she just provided her viewers with another gem in a recent stream on October 25.

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Anita went live to answer a series of questions from her viewers concerning her Tourette’s, one of which was, “What’s the number one most awkward tick that comes to mind?”

Anita’s forthcoming story was just as magnificent and inappropriate as you could probably guess.

“Could be the time I looked over my shoulder and looked at a paramedic right in the face as I was butt naked and covered in shit,” she said to the camera with a straight face. “Not my shit – I fell in a shit pit, basically.”


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She explained that the paramedics were cleaning the excrement from her person inside the ambulance when the incident occurred, after which she slipped into a tick.

“…I turned around, naked, looked this woman straight in the face and said, ‘Would you like a fisting?’” She continued. “There have been quite a few awkward moments. It’s hard to pick just one.”

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Anita is very open about her Tourette’s and finds humor in the condition, leading to a multitude of hilarious moments being clipped from her Twitch stream and spread throughout Reddit – including the trending clip where she broke into a tick in the midst of listing her favorite games.


Anita’s Twitch stream is growing rapidly, with her daily viewers skyrocketing on the platform as of October 15, after clips from her stream made the front page of Reddit.