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Streamer shocked as Twitch deletes twerk emote while allowing hot tub content

Published: 17/Sep/2021 21:56 Updated: 17/Sep/2021 22:06

by Dylan Horetski


Twitch content creator ‘BigSyn’ called out the site for allowing hot tub streamers on the platform while banning his ‘Twerk Butt’ animated emote. 

Earlier in the year, Twitch found a new meta exploding on the site — the hot tub meta, where streamers hang out in swimwear in hot tubs or pools and chat with viewers.

On September 16, streamer BigSyn called out the platform for removing an animated emote on his channel featuring a (fully clothed) bouncing butt.

Taking to Twitter, he posted an email from Twitch explaining that the platform reviewed his content and removed the emote from his channel.


It’s wild that twitch deleted my Twerk Butt emote. But I could literally get in a hot tub in a thong and show my a** to the world and it’d be ok,” he exclaimed. “Twitch, ya’ll literally WILDN’ OUT.”

Looking at replies to his tweet, it seems as the creator may have a solution to his emote problem.

“I think as long as you rename, it wouldn’t be flagged. I have a “booty” emote that’s never had issues,” said Twitter user whyhellostacy.

When asked about how long he’s had the emote uploaded, he replied: “Since the day animated emotes came out!”in June of 2021, that means it was live on their servers for several months before they decided to remove it.


As Dexerto previously reported, this isn’t the first time someone has called out Twitch for removing an emote despite them ignoring similar content being streamed on the platform.