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Streamer banned for viewing BTTV emote calls out Twitch for “favoritism”

Published: 13/May/2021 21:04

by Michael Gwilliam


A Twitch streamer, who was banned for a week after viewing a BTTV emote during a broadcast, is calling out the Amazon-owned platform for favoritism and inconsistency.

AlternateAU was hit with a whopping seven-day suspension on May 11 after he viewed an emote featuring two naked men spanking each other on the front page of the BTTV site.

BTTV, also known as BetterTTV, is a browser extension that enhances the Twitch experience by providing new emotes and other features not found on the standard version of the site.

After viewing the emote, AlternateAU was hit with a seven-day suspension – despite the fact the streamer had a clean record for three straight years.


In a YouTube video posted on May 13, the streamer blasted Twitch for its policies, claiming that it has no idea how to properly take action against terms of service violations.

“They don’t even know what they should and shouldn’t be banning for and for how long!” the streamer exclaimed. “There does seem to be some form of favoritism as well, I think we can all agree on that, you know.”

While the streamer insisted that he believes Twitch was, in fact, right to ban him and his judgment was poor to view it to begin with, he feels a full week is excessive given this was his first violation.


“There is a problem on Twitch at the moment with what they feel is deemed as TOS and what they feel isn’t,” the streamer said. “For starters, we’ve all seen streamers in the past banned for full-blown nudity, spreading themselves. I think we all know who that is. And then they’ll get a three day ban.”

AlternateAU then brought up how another streamer received a week long ban for engaging in sexual content while watching a hot tub stream, which really put his own suspension in perspective.

“You’re saying [the emote is] on the same level?” the streamer rhetorically asked. “I can’t see that there.”


AlternateAU banned on Twitch
AlternateAU was not happy after copping a week long Twitch ban.

Speaking of the hot tub meta, AlternateAU also explained that he doesn’t feel it’s good for the platform and believes those streamers are abusing a loophole that allows that type of content to begin with.

Given all the controversies involving Twitch nowadays, some feel that it seems a bit overkill to ban the streamer for a full week over an emote. It’s unclear whether AlternateAU requested an appeal or tried to get the punishment reduced, but so far, it seems like the Australian will need to wait another few days to finally return to Twitch.