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Streamer accused of stream-sniping Valorant pro after Twitch ads play in background

Published: 16/Sep/2021 23:22

by Michael Gwilliam


Valorant pro Ryan ‘Shanks’ Ngo found himself in a wild duel against an alleged stream sniper who may have exposed himself as watching his opponent during their match.

There isn’t a single streamer on the planet who enjoys being stream sniped. Harkening back to the days of split-screen multiplayer, stream sniping allows for players in the same lobby to know where you are on a map and use that to their advantage.

It’s unfair to say the least and some streamers resort to playing on a bit of a delay to protect themselves at the expense of a delayed chat interaction.


Amusingly, while viewers may not completely relate to the stream sniper struggles, ads are a whole other story and they’re exactly what seemed to expose Twitch streamer ‘atlidx’ when he was matched with Shanks.

During the game, atlidx seemed to look over at another screen while an ad started to play in the background.

“What if I told you about a kid?” the ad began before being cut off, seemingly because atldix muted it.

The moment didn’t go undetected, however, as the Rush player would later tweet out a video of the ad playing, captioning it, “at least he doesn’t have AdBlock on.”


atlidx stream snipe claim
atlidx has denied the stream sniping claims.

In the comments, users reported being banned from the streamer’s channel for bringing up the supposed stream sniping incident.

Atlidx, however, is denying stream sniping, but not that Twitch ads played. According to the streamer, he had Twitch open because a friend linked him to a live broadcast.

Additonally, he says and he had more viewers than normal to keep up with in chat so he was looking at his second monitor often — not at Shanks’ stream.

Whatever the case, Atlidx is probably going to want to subscribe to channels from now on to avoid any stream-sniping accusations.