Someone paid Solid Snake’s voice actor to say ‘Squeeze my hog’ - Dexerto

Someone paid Solid Snake’s voice actor to say ‘Squeeze my hog’

Published: 8/Oct/2018 23:15

by Virginia Glaze


Yeah, you read that right – someone actually paid the voice actor of Metal Gear protagonist Solid Snake to say, “Squeeze my hog.”

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Voice actor David Hayter, known for his cool and accommodating nature towards fans, met the Metal Gear community’s requests for him to say the line, which was borne out of a meme by popular Twitch streamer and Vinesauce founder Vincent ‘Vinny’ Jabroni.

“Vinny, this is Solid Snake,” Hayter said in Snake’s voice. “I’m told that you play a lot of Metal Gear games, and that you’ve developed a joke of telling Raiden, in Snake’s voice, to ‘squeeze your hog.’”


“So, I only have one thing to say,” he continued. “Raiden… squeeze my hog!”

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Apparently, Twitter users Lorelei and Round of Apology paid Hayter to say the phrase, which Vinny had popularized through his stream.

“God dammit, David,” Vinny said of the clip, laughing. “This is one of the best fuckin’ things ever, and I can’t believe this exists.”

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However, he made sure to explain that the joke wasn’t borne of an innately sexual nature.

“It wasn’t gross, like I wanted Raiden to squeeze Snake’s hog, like yeah,” he stated. “No, it was much more innocent than that.”


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It is worth noting that Hayter appeared to find some humor in saying the line, as a small laugh escaped him during the video – which Vinny also found hilarious. “He’s got a good sense of humor about himself,” Vinny said.

Metal Gear fans are having a field day with the line, which has since been shared across the internet.