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Small Twitch streamer overwhelmed after getting massive viewer raid

Published: 12/Mar/2021 11:45

by Alex Garton


Twitch streamer and musician SeolAhh was left completely speechless after she received a huge viewer raid from CashApp.

Whether it’s a huge donation or a massive raid from a different streamer, seeing Twitch creators with smaller followings receive support is always great content.

As Twitch is so competitive, it can take streamers years to build up a small dedicated following. That’s why raids are so significant to smaller creators as it offers them a chance to expand their community and gain new followers.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to streamer and musician SealAhh while she was live singing on Twitch. It’s fair to say the huge influx of people into her stream took her by surprise and left her lost for words.


Twitch: SeolAhh
SeolAhh has over 8,000 followers on Twitch.

Twitch streamer left speechless after CashApp raid

During her March 12 stream, SeolAhh was live on Twitch singing and interacting with her chat. That was until about an hour in when CashApp appeared in her chat and asked, “are you down to keep streaming and singing?”

Of course, SeolAhh confirmed she was down to keep streaming but it was obvious she was very nervous. It was at this point that CashApp replied with “Ok good to know…” Although she didn’t know it just yet, SeolAhh was about to get a massive surprise and a huge influx of new viewers.

Not long after that, CashApp raided SeolAhh with over 19,000 viewers, and it’s fair to say it took her by surprise. It was obvious she was feeling a mixture of excitement and disbelief about what was happening in her stream.


“I’m just gonna sing a song and pretend you guys are not here… how do I breathe, oh my goodness, no way, ok I’m gonna sing you guys a song, I’m getting so nervous I’m shaking,” she said.

To calm herself down she decided to sing a song for the stream and it was obvious the new viewers were impressed with her performance. It’s no surprise she picked up so many new followers from the raid and it was clear how excited she was about the whole scenario.

“I hope you guys enjoy this, my name Sarah and I’m a singer and I’m gonna sing a French song, I’m not even French.”

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Overall, it was just great to see a small streamer get an influx of new viewers who were incredibly impressed by her content.

There’s no doubt a lot of the 19,000 CashApp fans will now tune into her next stream and become part of her community.