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Singer Mario Judah claims he faked assault on ex-girlfriend

Published: 23/Jan/2021 17:52

by Charlotte Colombo


In a puzzling Instagram Live, musician Mario Judah has claimed that a clip of him allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend was staged, and that he made the video to raise awareness of cheaters. 

“What happened in my Live the other night was acted out to show you all what happens when you are all in a f**ked up relationship,” he said. “If you end up in an abusive relationship, or hurtful relationship, you end up hurting each other.”

Addressing people in abusive relationships, Judah said that if people are going through a situation like this, they can contact him or the National Domestic Abuse Helpline. Signing off, he said: “Stop abusing someone because you’re getting cheated on, and stop cheating!”


Fans had a mixed reacti0n to Judah’s revelation. While some criticized him for the video, calling him a “clout chaser”, others dubbed the video “embarrassing”. One fan on Twitter said: “I have no words.”

In other videos, Judah claims his ex cheated on him. Leading up to the alleged “beating” video, Judah posted a series of Tweets directed at people who cheat. “I hate cheaters,” he said in one Tweet. “I hope y’all die in a pool filled with Hot sauce!!! [sic]”

He also posted a video wherein he talks about giving his ex-girlfriend the world and then she cheated. 


As for the “beating” video in question, it was originally on Instagram Live, before circulating on Twitter in mid-January. The video, which is mostly pitch black, depicts Judah appearing to notice his ex on the street before coming out of his car to beat her.

He can be heard saying: “I don’t give a f**k. I don’t give a f**k if she can’t walk no more. F**k it. That’s what she gets. F**k that b*tch, bro!” Throughout the video a friend can be heard to be calling out to him and trying to encourage him coma back to the car, telling him that he has too much to lose.


Judah’s ex-girlfriend is yet to comment publicly on the situation.