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Shroud’s stream snipers are now promoting Shroud’s products and sponsorships

Published: 20/Sep/2018 15:15

by Calum Patterson


For most popular streamers, stream snipers are nothing more than a nuisance and something to be avoided, but for Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, stream snipers have taken on an entirely new persona.

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Usually, these pesky ‘stream snipers’ spend time trying to match in the same online lobby as their favorite streamer, and if successful, proceed to antagonize them in various ways.

This includes hunting them down to eliminate them, purposefully saying vulgar or racist things while knowing they are audible on stream, or otherwise just being annoying.

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However, shroud, a Twitch streamer best known for playing battle royale games like PUBG, has started to noticed a difference between his stream snipers and the standard ones.


Rather than attacking him or trying to use the proximity chat to shout obscene language, he recently had stream snipers sing him songs or go shopping with him.

But, this latest run in with a stream sniper was even better. Once able to talk with shroud using proximity chat, the player began to advertise shroud’s sponsorships, such as his deal with Madrinas Coffee, and his in-game PUBG skins.

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Shroud was initially bemused, but then happily played along, unfortunately though, before the stream sniper could go any further and talk about shroud’s gun camos in PUBG, he was cut down by an opponent player. 


Shroud is known for being somewhat awkward when it comes to promoting his brand deals and sponsorships, but thankfully his stream snipers can now do it for him.

The last time he had a run in with a pleasant stream sniper, who sang him a song complete with guitar strumming, fellow PUBG streamer Dr DisRespect said “ladies and gentlemen, this is the difference between shroud’s stream snipers and mine.”

Stream sniping is actually against Twitch’s TOS however, and if streamers are caught doing it to other streamers, they can be banned from the platform. PUBG itself also has strict rules against stream sniping, and will also enforce bans, so we don’t recommend it.