Shroud is getting Fortnite lessons from Ninja and Poach and pulls off some insane kills – Dexerto

Shroud is getting Fortnite lessons from Ninja and Poach and pulls off some insane kills

Published: 2/Oct/2018 13:23 Updated: 2/Oct/2018 13:32

by Calum Patterson


Although he is one of the most popular battle royale streamers on Twitch, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has always kept his distance from the most popular battle royale game, Fortnite, but recently has tried to get back into it.

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Shroud, like everyone else, did play Fortnite frequently earlier in 2018 when it began to grow rapidly, but he then moved on, either back to his favored PUBG or to other games like Rainbow 6 and new BR’s.

Fortnite continued to rule Twitch though, and shroud has been tempted to try it again, and had some of the best possible help coaching him – Team Liquid pro ‘Poach’, and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, essentially the face of Fortnite on Twitch.

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Shroud’s problem with Fortnite is a very specific one – building. It is integral to the game, and what makes it unique from not just other BR’s, but other shooter games generally.

Shroud’s problem is definitely not shooting. Formerly a professional CS:GO player, he is regarded as arguably having one of the best shots in PC gaming.

As soon as he was back on Fortnite, he showed exactly why, pulling off some insane kills with his signature aim – admitting himself “I can’t build, but I can shoot”.

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After getting some lessons from Poach, he explained that he still didn’t think he had it in him to improve his building skills to the keep up with the very best players.

Poach had complimented him, saying that he had seen big improvement in only their first session, but shroud says that “watching the pro players should be motivation, but it’s the exact opposite”, because he has so far to go.

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He also spent some time playing with Ninja, who has seen a massive boom in popularity, largely thanks to his following growing exponentially in parallel with Fortnite.

It is really only a question of time whether shroud can be mentioned in the same breath as some of the top Fortnite players, rather than skill. With meta always evolving and new building strategies being discovered, it takes continually playing to keep up with the competition.

Shroud is better known for playing a variety of games however, and with Call of Duty’s Blackout mode coming soon on October 12, it is likely he will be distracted from Fortnite once again.