Shroud in hysterics after being ambushed by PUBG 'suicide bomber' - Dexerto

Shroud in hysterics after being ambushed by PUBG 'suicide bomber'

Published: 25/Apr/2019 11:41

by Joe Craven


Hugely popular Twitch streamer, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, was left in disbelief after being targeted by a ‘suicide bomber’ in-game, as he was showing off his new skin in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on April 24.

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Shroud returns to PUBG

The ex-CS:GO professional has since become a full time Twitch streamer, becoming the most subscribed to Twitch streamer in the world, with over 100,000 subscribers. The hysterical clip occurred as shroud returned to PUBG, after something of a hiatus from the game, opting instead to play Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends and Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov. 

However, shroud has recently been critical of both PUBG and Apex, calling PUBG a “waste of time”, and saying he was ready to quit Apex Legends completely. Despite these criticisms, the 24 year old Canadian appears to have been enjoying PUBG of late. 


Twitch: shroudThe suicide bomber may have been a stream sniper, given the way they were waiting for Shroud to pass.
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Shroud encounters PUBG suicide bomber

Shroud was showing off his new Mutant skin in PUBG on April 24, when he and his party were crossing the fateful Erangel bridge, where they were ambushed by a suicide bomber. Shroud quickly tried to readjust his aim, and sounded surprised as he called him out, even though suicide bombers are fairly common in PUBG.

Players in PUBG often act as suicide bombers in order to ‘troll’ other players, showing that they are not taking the game too seriously themselves, while trying to spoil it for others.

Shroud and the car he is in pass safely by, but another member of his team, who is lagging behind on a motorcycle, is caught in the blast. The vacant motorcycle is then blown past, while still hilariously on fire, prompting shroud and his party to laugh at the whole event.


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Shroud is no stranger to stream snipers, and the suspicious way in which the enemy was waiting for him to pass suggests this was another encounter with one.  

While he has been vocally critical of PUBG, pleading with the developers to improve the game, there’s still plenty of crazy experiences to be had, especially with all the players trying to target shroud.