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Shroud utterly confused by idea of Borderlands battle royale

Published: 30/Apr/2019 8:55

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional has risen to stardom on Twitch thanks to his insane skill and ability to dominate opponents in battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Apex Legends.

When a new BR game is set to launch, he becomes a sounding board for some viewers who want to get his views on whether or not it’ll be successful and ultimately be the title to take top spot from Fortnite Battle Royale.

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PGI BerlinShroud has risen above fellow streamers Dr Disrespect and Ninja in the battle royale scene.

Would a Borderlands battle royale work?

During his April 29 stream, shroud had been taking questions from fans during a slow game of Apex Legends. When one viewer asked if he thought a Borderlands-themed battle royale would work, shroud responded with an answer that they probably weren’t hoping for.


“No, a Borderlands BR would not work,” started shroud. “It doesn’t make any sense. What would that even be? This [Apex Legends] is probably the closest we got to a Borderlands BR actually if you think about it.

“This is actually really close to a Borderlands BR – it’s got the classes, the abilities, the ultimates. It’s got these fancy colorful weapons and these energy-type things, it’s almost there.”

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Will Borderlands 3 have a battle royale?

Fans are still waiting for more information about the highly-anticipated Borderlands 3, which is set for release on September 13, 2019.

The game developers, Call of Duty-style multiplay add-on that is set from the core game.


It remains to be seen if Gearbox will follow the popularity of having a battle royale mode, but for now, shroud, at least, is doubtful that it would work.