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Shirtless Madden streamer goes viral after sweaty DBZ-inspired celebration

Published: 11/Jan/2021 1:16

by Theo Salaun


A Madden streamer, ‘Chibatta Mitch,’ has set the internet ablaze as a clip of him, shirtless and sweaty, blending the WWE and Dragon Ball Z, earns viral fame across social media.

Of all the simple objects in the world, few hold as much power as a green screen. And Chibatta Mitch, the self-proclaimed “Madden God,” has proved that true by capitalizing on an otherwise limited streaming setup to produce a clip that is flying across Twitter.

Like Santa, his reindeer and sleigh full of gifts, a video of Chibatta Mitch’s Madden gameplay is circulating the internet’s clouds and bringing joy to gamers far and wide. Mitch, a Facebook Gaming streamer and Madden maestro (ranked at No. 3 worldwide), doesn’t have the greatest microphone quality, but his production and energy remain untouched.


In the circulating clip, Mitch is playing an opponent online and, despite it being just the first quarter, he is shirtless, drenched in sweat and calling timeouts for pep talks like it’s the Super Bowl of a cheesy movie. But, instead of Remember the Titans, the streamer uses his green screen and music selection to produce a moment that juxtaposes the worlds of professional wrestling and anime.

Inspired by the energy, ‘biz__23’ shared the clip on Twitter with a simple caption: “This s**t made me want to start gaming again.” 

Eventually, the clip made its rounds across the web, even prompting ESPN’s SportsCenter to share it on a day that many expected traditional sports fans to be much more focused on NFL Wildcard Sunday. 


But some content cannot be denied and Mitch’s is no exception. In the replies, users credited the streamer for producing an excellent Kamehameha recreation and for the thunderstorm embodiment of the WWE’s Undertaker introductions. 

Fans of Chibatta Mitch’s also saw the clip and had to introduce new viewers to more of his antics. In one clip, ‘PJ_Island12’ showed a screen recording of Mitch hyping himself up as a drill sergeant addressing a line of marines.

With other fans letting people know that this first-quarter Mitch behavior is typical, we now know that the streamer goes through multiple ripped shirts per stream. More impressively, despite bringing so much energy to his content, it appears that he is a top-3 ranked player on the Madden leaderboards.