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Shane Dawson’s Spotify hacked with song about cat controversy

Published: 30/Sep/2021 12:03

by Georgina Smith


YouTuber Shane Dawson’s Spotify account appears to have been hacked, after people discovered a song had been uploaded in his name titled ‘I F**ked my Cat,’ referencing his viral controversy.

Shane Dawson has been a hugely well-known content creator on YouTube for years now, having been on the platform since 2008. Since then, he’s managed to garner over 20 million subscribers, but has also been part of his fair share of controversies.

In 2019, Dawson responded to backlash after a clip from an old podcast episode resurfaced in which he claimed to have had inappropriate contact with his cat.

“I didn’t f**k my cat,” he wrote on Twitter. “I didn’t c*m on my cat. I didn’t put my d**k anywhere near my cat. I’ve never done anything weird with my cats.”


Shane Dawson is pictured during a workout.
YouTube: Shane Dawson
Shane has been involved in multiple highly public dramas.

The controversy has been brought up on multiple occasions since then, and in the latest turn, the YouTuber’s Spotify page appears to have been hacked, with a song relating to the incident being added under his name.

People noticed a track titled ‘I F**ked my Cat’ had been added to Dawson’s Spotify account as his latest release, with several other artists listed.

The lyrics feature phrases such as, “Ima f**k on my cat like I’m Shane Dawson,” and “thank you Shane Dawson cause I’m gonna f**k my cat.” At the time of writing, the song has yet to be deleted from the page.


Shane Dawson's hacked Spotify account
The song references the viral controversy.

This comes shortly after Jeffree Star announced he would be uploading a new video with Shane, an announcement that was met with a large amount of backlash from many online who claimed the YouTuber shouldn’t return.

Dawson isn’t the first content creator to have their Spotify page hacked. TikTok stars Charli D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson both had their pages altered in some way, whether that was adding bizarre songs or dubious playlists.