Shane Dawson postpones Jake Paul docuseries release ahead of Alissa Violet episodes - Dexerto

Shane Dawson postpones Jake Paul docuseries release ahead of Alissa Violet episodes

Published: 5/Oct/2018 18:57 Updated: 5/Oct/2018 19:15

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Shane Dawson’s docuseries over social media star Jake Paul has taken a sudden hiatus just ahead of its episodes covering Paul’s relationship with ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet.

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Shane broke the news in a Tweet on October 4, where he revealed that he was skipping his upload schedule of Monday/Wednesday/Friday to take extra time developing the series’ fifth episode.

“Part five and six coming Monday and Wednesday,” he wrote. “We wanted to release Part Five tomorrow, but we underestimated how much footage we had and we wanna make sure it’s perfect!”

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Dawson likewise stated that he was ‘reworking’ the series in an earlier Tweet, which could hint at even further investigation into Paul’s well-documented past.

Part five will likely cover Jake Paul’s controversial relationship with Alissa Violet, as hinted at by a voicemail Dawson received toward the end of the series’ fourth episode.

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A now-deleted vlog of Paul’s shows the YouTuber spitting on Violet, who came forward with allegations of emotional and verbal abuse concerning their relationship.

Paul himself admitted that discussing Violet was his biggest fear for the docuseries, admitting that it was difficult to open up to Dawson about the issue in a video addressing concerns around the series’ reception.


“That’s definitely the part I’m most nervous about,” he said in response to a fan’s question on the matter.

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While Dawson’s series has been the center of recent speculation over its handling of the term ‘sociopath,’ it continues to break records, and regularly sits in the top trending videos on YouTube with each release.

With part 5 being hyped up ahead of its release, there’s no telling what tea will be spilled in regards to Paul and Violet’s relationship – or what further secrets of the Paul family might be revealed.